You are worthy of having all of your dreams come true and making sure that your memories are protected. I can promise you that don’t take that responsibility lightly and will do everything within my power to serve you best on your day and beyond. Are you ready to be a dream chaser?!

I'm never going to say no to an adventure - unless I don't have someone taping The Bachelorette or Survivor.

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Are the intimate moments shared with your closest family members or friends when you take a moment to slow down and just take it all in. My eyes always fill with tears during the father daughter dances because I was afraid I wouldn’t ever have that moment with my own father when we found a brain tumor back in 2018. I value the intentional details that you put into your special day and want to know all about them. I can also promise that I will be on the dancefloor with you and your best friends getting dowwwnnnn and celebrating your first night as a married couple!

If you called me up and said: Let’s grab our dogs and go to winery, I would be halfway out the door and jamming to made up words from songs on the radio. However, if you make that call before 9am it’s not likely that I will be setting an alarm to get up early in the morning unless we were planning on chasing the sunrise on some epic hiking adventure!

I live for joyful moments that can be shared with your best friends and strangers who feel like your best friends after just an hour of being in each other’s Company.



One time I went to 8 countries in 3 months and it was the best time of my life... The travel bug is STILL very real and this is just the beginning of living out of a suitcase.


One time I went to a very fancy restaurant, ya know the ones with very dimmed lights, and ate spoonful of wasabi thinking it was guacamole.... Needless to say, I haven't been back to that place again.


My sweet escape will always be on top of a mountain with a beautiful view and no cell service.


My best friends are the ones who say "heck yes" to the wild adventure plans you made at 2am.


This isn't my dog, and I have no shame in my puppy loving game!


If I had to live off of two things for the rest of my life I would probably choose wine and Charcuterie boards.