Bali is the Ideal location for your wedding, elopement or event, providing restful, spiritual, and earth connecting vibes. 

I believe that everyone is worthy of having all of their dreams come true, starting with their wedding day. 

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THE LAND OF Monkey jungles, rice terraces, historic temples, AND volcanic mountains

Palms, Blue Skies, Pink Beaches, Swings over the OCean?!

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Why stop at just one island in Bali? Did you know there are 4? Also, just a quick flight over to Australia for part two of your trip!

Bali, Indonesia - the land of the Gods - is truly that. Everywhere you look in Bali there is a new adventure to be had. Known for the countless rice terraces, incredible beaches, snorkeling and scuba sites, active volcanos, endless jungle, and exotic temples, Bali has more than enough to offer.  I wouldn't recommend visiting the island for less than a week as you will feel robed of opportunities - there is just so much to do! From sunrise  hikes to the top of volcanos, swings through the jungles, and the amazing food and drink opportunities, Bali will never disappoint. 

Let me introduce myself, I am Emily, potentially your photographer for this elopement or wedding that you are planning! I have a little get to know me section if you click that button below. :) Basically, I love what you love if you have found this page!! The thought of being surrounded by lush jungles, kind people, easy access to the beach or a temple, and pink sand beaches... Pinch me, I must be dreaming?!?! No, this is real and I have all the things you need to know about where to plan your wedding, what activities to do while in this paradise and the food you need to consume!

We may start as strangers but after just a short amount of time together we will feel like we’ve known each other for years. I cannot tell you how many times I hear this when we meet for the first time at your session “Oh my gosh, it’s so great to FINALLY meet you, even though I feel like I have known you forever!!” That is the feeling that people have because I invest right back into every single client and make sure that their experience is comfortable, joy-filled and true to who they are because I get to know you humans and not just as subjects in an image. 

Here are some top 3s! My fave resorts are: Zen Hideaway #1, Blue Lagoon, Cahaya Skai Joglo Treehouse, & Tropical glamping. But don't stop there, you have to get out and check out the historic spiritual temples and the incredibly diverse scenery! Bali has an infinite activities to offer. Connect to your spirituality at any of the temples, head to the beach to enjoy the underwater life, or put on those hiking boots and explore an active volcano. Set aside a day to enjoy the rice terraces, the famous Bali Swing, and taste the Kopi luwakCoffee. My goodness is it delicious. Also, make sure to visit the local food scene! The Avocado Factory has the most magnificent menu or visit Sacred Ground to spark a new daily ritual. 

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Immersing myself into new cultures and experiences in various places in the world truly speaks to my soul. I'm the girl who impulsively buys tickets at 2am on a Tuesday and jet-sets off for adventures of a lifetime with her tribe of people!

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Basically I spend my time behind a computer screen working my booty off for my clients, then hop on a plane to places like these and make the best memories with people who started as strangers. 

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I am an enneagram 3 w 2 with a love for people, adventure and Jesus! 

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