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Locations from the Pacific Northwest, to the Deserts in California and Arizona and beyond!

JAw Dropping airbnb stays in the Western United States

Pacific Northwest

Top Airbnb Destinations in the United States and Worldwide

A guide to picking your dream destination rental property for a holiday, elopement, wedding, retreat or celebration! 

This page is packed full of the most unique, and beautiful rentals for a getaway, holiday, elopement or retreat. No matter what you are looking for for your event, you will find it here. Top rental properties near or in the western National Parks in the U.S. are just a click away. In addition, you'll find villas in Europe, secluded stays in Mexico and all of the trending rental properties that you have been dreaming of! You hit the jackpot here! 

My hope is to bring you spaces and locations that inspire you to host an event or hold your cherished loved ones for a wedding or elopement. Heck, just the two of you on a weekend adventure, DO IT! Guess what, YOU SHOULD DOCUMENT IT! + I know the perfect gal for the job!! ;) I have found that when I am traveling and taking in new cultures I can tap into different forms of art and story telling that I couldn't do in a normal setting. The breakthrough moments in my career were when I took a 2 week vacation through Europe and hit 5 countries and ended with an elopement at a Tuscan villa. Or taking a short flight down to Mexico and feeling the peace of the ocean and palm trees. Wherever in the world I feel called to go to, I go.

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Immersing myself into new cultures and experiences in various places in the world truly speaks to my soul. I'm the girl who impulsively buys tickets at 2am on a Tuesday and jet-sets off for adventures of a lifetime with her tribe of people!

Traveling has my heart.

Basically I spend my time behind a computer screen working my booty off for my clients, then hop on a plane to places like these and make the best memories with people who started as strangers. 

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I am an enneagram 3 w 2 with a love for people, adventure and Jesus! 

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My hopes are to share some of the places I love most with you and then maybe we can go there together?!! Ultimately, I poured into this guide is to help you explore these beautiful places to their fullest for your elopement, wedding, or for fun!

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