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A guide Packed full of adventurous, boho and southwestern locations for your elopement

My Favorite places for an elopement


How to find an elopement location in the United states and worldwide

The best locations for an elopement vary for each couple, check out what some of my past couples did.

You are probably choosing to elope because it's less stressful than planning the production of a full wedding day, right?!! What you get when you book me for an elopement is a resource to find you find a perfect airbnb, resort or villa to get ready in/stay at. Feeling stuck on where to go? I got you covered and made a guide to locations broken down into types of environments. Check it out here! Then I connect you with the best vendors for your day in the area where we make your dreams a reality. Once they are locked in, we set up a timeline for your wedding day.

Things to keep in mind are the type of environments that you want to be in. It can be the desert, the beach, on a mountain top or even in the city. Whatever screams YOU is what we should do. 
The time of year is also important. For example, if you want a warm + sunny day then we shouldn't look at Jan-March dates. 
Do you want guests? Maybe just two witnesses? Or your immediate family? Everyone is different, and you get to choose who you want to be there, if anyone at all.
Lastly, if you want a full day adventureous elopement I will research what is around to fill the day taking in the location, the culture and the main attractions. 

We may start as strangers but after just a short amount of time together we will feel like we’ve known each other for years. I cannot tell you how many times I hear this when we meet for the first time at your session “Oh my gosh, it’s so great to FINALLY meet you, even though I feel like I have known you forever!!” That is the feeling that people have because I invest right back into every single client and make sure that their experience is comfortable, joy-filled and true to who they are because I get to know you humans and not just as subjects in an image. 

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If I'm coming your way, or you want me to, CONTACT ME and we will make it happen! Weddings, elopements, couples sessions, branding sessions, mentorships, YOU NAME IT & I am there my friend!

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Immersing myself into new cultures and experiences in various places in the world truly speaks to my soul. I'm the girl who impulsively buys tickets at 2am on a Tuesday and jet-sets off for adventures of a lifetime with her tribe of people!

Traveling has my heart.

Basically I spend my time behind a computer screen working my booty off for my clients, then hop on a plane to places like these and make the best memories with people who started as strangers. 

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I am an enneagram 3 w 2 with a love for people, adventure and Jesus! 

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My hopes are to share some of the places I love most with you and then maybe we can go there together?!! Ultimately, I poured into this guide is to help you explore these beautiful places to their fullest for your elopement, wedding, or for fun!

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