for engagement, anniversary, and maternity sessions 

1.5 hours


for weddings with less than 50 guests

6 hours

Tiny Weddings

includes second shooter and engagement session for 8+ hours

on avg. couples spend $3900
out of state starts at $4400


for weddings with no bridal party and less than 30 guests

3 hours



Money, money honey

I know, this isn’t my favorite part either, but ya girl is running a business and cannot do what she loves for free or else she’s gonna be broke.

Just remember that this is an investment and it will be worth it when you book with me. I’ll be more than just the person who takes your photos. I’ll be ready to sew up any rips in dresses and pants, will put on your groomsmen’s boutonnieres, will get down with you on the dance floor, and make sure that you don’t go home hungry because we all know you’ll spend more time talking than shoveling your very expensive food down your throat when dinner time rolls around.

People matter more to me than a price tag.

more details please!

& honestly I get to work with the actual best people in the whole world. If you are Dixie Chicks serious about wanting me to photograph your day, please inquire even if I am outside of your budget. We will see what we can do to customize a package for you.

You get a friend who you feel comfortable being YOU in front of on your special day!